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Hats Off to Veteran Homecare Benefits in Philadelphia, PA

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As Fourth of July passes, we think back to all the pain and courage it took to get our country to where it is today. We think back to the wars and battles won by our soldiers. We think back to the cost it took them to stand up and fight for our rights.

And we think to the future and present, that we owe it to our veterans for the freedom and easy lives we have today in Philadelphia, PA.

Yet, so many veterans today struggle with keeping up with the lifestyles they built for all of us. They struggle to keep up financially, emotionally, and medically. It’s sad, but it’s the truth.

The people who fought for us are not living the comfortable lives they fought for. Which is why it’s important, that now we do all in our power to give back as much as we can to our veterans.

So, if you’re a veteran, friend of a veteran, or family member of a veteran, hear us out: At Aurora Home are, we give veterans the respect, support, and service they need to live their lives to the fullest.

Homecare Benefits Offered at Aurora

At Aurora Homecare, we offer a variety of medical and home care services. We offer things like:

  • Social work services
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Light housekeeping
  • Personal emergency response
  • Care management
  • And more!

We don’t just stop there. It’s one thing to put services out on the market and stand by to see if they catch. It’s another thing to actually care enough to help people get those services. Which is what we do for our veterans.

Veteran Benefits Offered at Aurora

We know not everyone has money. Even for medical and personal assistance that will make their lives infinitely better.

So when you come to Aurora Homecare as a veteran, we dedicate time to helping you get the financial aid and support you need. With our VetAssist Program, our experienced staff members take care of everything for you. First, they’ll help you get all your documentation gathered and ready. Then, they’ll help you apply for full VA aid.

And the help doesn’t stop there. Our staff will also make sure to follow up with your VA aid, always being certain that you’re getting the coverage you deserve for your medical expenses.

Questions Answered at Aurora

Homecare is a big step. And making that step happen can be intimidating. You probably have a million questions racing around in your mind.

Should I get homecare?
When should I get homecare?
Where do I call for more information about veterans’ homecare?
How do I register for veteran benefits for homecare?

Don’t go through it alone.
Don’t let the questions weigh you down when you don’t know which way to turn.

At Aurora Home Care, we love answering questions. And we’re happy to do so anytime. We want to help you make the decision that’s best for you. We want to help you make the decision that’s going to give you the lifestyle you want and deserve.

So, for all the PA veterans out there, hats off to you and thank you.

We take processes apart, rethink, rebuild, and deliver them back working smarter than ever before.