Helping Veterans Navigate Life After Service

Helping Veterans Navigate Life After Service

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Helping Veterans Navigate Life After Service - Aurora Home Care, Inc.

Finding one’s path in life is hard. Because it’s not just about what you want, it’s also about who wants you. But it’s even harder still for veterans.

After years of dedicated service to America, veterans come home to start or continue their lives out of the army. And yet, they struggle to find jobs and carve a space for themselves in their communities.

Why? Because veterans are overlooked. Companies seeking to hire new employees often swipe left when it comes to veterans because they don’t understand how military skills fit into the workplace.

Which is ironic, because military skills actually make veterans better candidates. Military service teaches veterans all sorts of important skills like teamwork, leadership, drive, precision, ability to work under pressure, ability to make quick decisions, capacity to analyze group situations, etc.

These are skills that are invaluable to any workforce.

Not only that, but veterans are often older than others job applicants. And with age, comes experience. The life experience that veterans can bring to the table is like no experience gained anywhere else. This gives veterans an incredible edge when it comes to dealing with various situations that might appear in the office setting.

And yet, even with all these amazing skills, veterans are struggling to get hired. Companies are ignoring incredible potential appearing right at their doorsteps, and they don’t even know it.

So, what is there to do?

Fixing the Problem.

As this has become a state-wide problem, it has come to the attention of many. And so, many are now creating veteran hiring events. These are special job events meant just for veterans. And at these job events, veterans can connect with employers and companies in hopes of securing jobs for their futures.

These kinds of job fairs finally give veterans a fighting chance to get the jobs they deserve. Veterans are able to network with employers from a wide variety of industries and fields. And, having the face-to-face time (as opposed to just being another faceless resume in a stack of papers), gives veterans the opportunity to explain how their military skills can make a huge impact in the office setting.

Helping Veterans in All Walks of Life.

In addition to helping veterans secure jobs, companies and organizations are also working to create better opportunities for veterans in all walks of life.

As many veterans come back from military service with injuries or mental struggles, home care agencies offer special veteran assistance programs to help foot the bill. At Aurora Home Care, we help our veteran clients apply for financial benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs. We want to give back to the veterans who gave years of their lives to help keep us safe and secure in America, and so we take our veterans assistance program very seriously.

Our experienced staff helps every step of the way, from getting the right documents together, to filling out the correct forms, to securing financial approval.

So that we all can give veterans the life they deserve.

We take processes apart, rethink, rebuild, and deliver them back working smarter than ever before.