4 Ways Homecare Workers Can Help Keep Seniors Safe from COVID-19

4 Ways Homecare Workers Can Help Keep Seniors Safe from COVID-19

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There’s a lot of debate now as to whether or not it is a good idea to bring homecare workers into the homes of seniors.

The cons have already been stated, but here are 4 areas in which homecare workers can positively impact seniors during these rough times, as well as lower their chances of catching COVID-19:

Food (and other household necessities)

Seniors need to eat. And, although many grocery stores have instituted “senior hours” where only the elderly are allowed into the store to shop- anywhere that seniors go amongst others, raises the chances of them getting sick.

So, what’s a senior supposed to do?

Fortunately, a home care aide can help with this dilemma. Homecare workers are able to help seniors set up food delivery orders. It can be difficult for seniors to navigate through this new way of shopping, which is why it’s helpful to have someone around to teach or guide them.

Furthermore, home care workers can help by wiping down the food with disinfectants, throwing out the paper bags, and putting everything away, so that seniors have as little contact with outside sources as possible.

Emotional Health

While physical safety is of the utmost importance, mental and emotional safety are not to be overlooked or neglected either. It can be extremely hard on seniors’ emotional wellbeing to be cooped up at home and all alone.

And, when one’s emotional wellbeing is on the line, so is their physical wellbeing. The two go hand in hand.

When home care aides visit seniors, they know to pay attention to their clients’ moods and mental health. Homecare aides can sense when their clients are feeling down or in low spirits. And, they provide the types of conversation that will help bring seniors out of their blues.

Homecare aides bring joy and companionship to the homes of those they visit.

Zoom Calls and Appointments

As life slowly switches to all online resources, it can be difficult for seniors to keep up. Doctor appointments, therapist sessions, exercise classes, book clubs, and even just simple entertainment are now all proceeding through online video chats and phone calls.

Homecare aides can help seniors set up zoom calls and appointments so that they can continue their normal routines as best as possible.


During these testy times, it’s important to keep the house spick and span from germs. Homecare aides can help disinfect seniors’ homes, as well as wipe down surfaces and fulfill other cleaning tasks. By doing so, home care workers can reduce the spread of germs, and protect seniors from any virus particles that may have gotten inside their homes.

So, is it really safe to bring a home care worker to the house?

With social distancing at the core of every interaction these days, the question stands to reason: Is it safe for seniors to have homecare workers come to their homes?

Since the outbreak, home care aides and agencies have begun implementing strict safety precautions. They have upped their protective gear, as well as minimized their physical contact with patients and their homes. Many aides will even call ahead of time to make sure their clients are not showing any flu-like symptoms.

It’s not an easy decision to make, but know that homecare aides and agencies are doing their absolute best to help and protect seniors through this pandemic.

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