How to Stay Healthy as a Caregiver During Spring Time

How to Stay Healthy as a Caregiver During Spring Time

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How to Stay Healthy as a Caregiver During Spring Time

Caregivers often overlook their own health and well-being while providing assistance to loved ones and others. If you are a caring person, your focus is likely on your family, friends, and others as opposed to yourself. However, if you don’t spend some time thinking about your own health, you are that much more likely to become ill, suffer an injury, or endure another health problem. Let’s take a look at a couple of tips that will help you remain healthy enough to provide care for others as the seasons change.

Sweat the Small Stuff of Nutrition, Rest and Physical Exercise

Are you getting eight hours of sleep per night?  Are you consuming a balanced diet highlighted by a colorful variety of fruits and vegetables?  Do you exercise at least two to three times per week?  These are important questions to ask yourself as the seasons transition and you have the opportunity to venture outside of your Philadelphia home. Pay attention to the subtleties of your diet, physical activity, and sleep quality, and you will have done your part to remain healthy enough to provide care for your loved one.

How to Stay Healthy as a Caregiver During Spring Time

Visit With the Doctor

The only way you can provide care for your aging relative is to take care of yourself first. Meet with your doctor at least once each year. If you have not visited with your doctor in longer than a year, set an appointment this spring and return every spring moving forward. Your doctor will check your vitals, provide potentially invaluable information pertaining to health, and nutrition, and ultimately help you maintain your health so you can care for those you love so much.

Carve out Some Personal Time Every Single Day!

You deserve at least half an hour of personal time reserved for you and only you, every single day. If you work full-time, have kids, and provide care for an aging loved one, carving out this amount of time might seem impossible. However, you can do it with some creative planning. Let your significant other take care of the kids for half an hour at the same time every night, let your parent know you will be away from your phone during this small window of time, and do whatever you want. From listening to music to taking a nature walk, reading a book, shooting hoops, or simply vegetating in front of the TV, there are all sorts of things you can do to get your mind off life’s challenges and focus on having fun. 

How to Stay Healthy as a Caregiver During Spring Time

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