Maintaining Bone Health While Aging

Maintaining Bone Health While Aging

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Maintaining Bone Health While Aging

The bones weaken throughout the aging process. A fall, car accident, or even a simple bump against a hard surface all have the potential to cause a bone fracture. The chances of a fracture or break are that much greater for a senior citizen. This is precisely why every senior and those approaching their 60s and 70s should be mindful of maintaining bone health throughout the aging process. Minor alterations to lifestyle and diet will fortify the bones, ultimately helping you and your loved ones avoid fractures or breaks that significantly reduce your quality of life.

Improve Coordination and Balance

Even a minor improvement in coordination and/or balance can prevent a painful, life-changing fall. Encourage the senior in your life to take brief walks, stretch, lightly jog, or play tennis. Each of these activities strengthens the muscles while boosting balance and coordination. If senior fitness classes are available in your part of Philadelphia, consider enrolling. The ensuing improvement in balance and coordination will help prevent potential bone-breaking falls.

Focus on Eating a Well-Balanced Diet

Eating TV dinners, hamburgers, and cans of soup will eventually lead to a physiological breakdown. The foods you consume partially determine your bone strength. Fail to eat a diverse diet of vegetables, fruits, and other food loaded with the right vitamins/nutrients, and your bone health will diminish. 

Try to incorporate as many different colored foods into your diet as you can. Instead of using salt for flavor, use spices and herbs that are comparably healthy. Keep in mind, consumption of sodium has the potential to reduce the body’s absorption of calcium, causing significant damage to the kidneys and heart.

Maintaining Bone Health While Aging

Don’t Eat Alone

If you are a senior, it is in your interest to find someone to eat with. Eating will prove that much more healthy and enjoyable if it is done in a communal setting. Even if you have merely one or two friends or a single-family member available as your dining partner, his or her presence will encourage you to eat healthily and pace yourself. Discussing current events, family, the weather, or anything else while dining also helps encourage slow eating that helps the body better digest and process food.

Discuss Bone Health With Your Doctor

Meet with your doctor in Philadelphia to discuss your health and broach the subject of osteoporosis. Your doctor will go over your specific risk factors for osteoporosis. This is your opportunity to pick the doctor’s brain about how you can improve your bone health as well as your overarching health. 

As an example, your physician might advise a bone density scan be performed to gauge your bone density. The implementation of supplements or vitamins will also help ensure your body has the nutrients necessary to improve or at least maintain bone health.

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