Best Practices to Keep Your Loved Ones Safe This Winter

Best Practices to Keep Your Loved Ones Safe This Winter

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The dead of winter will be here sooner than you know it. The months of January and February won’t prove nearly as mentally and physically taxing if you prepare accordingly. In particular, Philadelphia residents with parents or grandparents who reside in the area will find it is important to be proactive to keep their loved ones safe all the way through spring. Here’s how to do it.

Prepare for Power Outages

Philadelphia winters are often characterized by wind and snowstorms that cause power outages. Keep your loved ones safe this winter by helping them prepare for those inevitable losses of power. Buy at least three or four flashlights with replacement batteries and store them in easily accessible areas throughout the home. It will also help to have a battery-powered radio available to listen to local news updates during power outages. Load up on the blankets and canned food as well. 

If your parent or grandparent has a stocked freezer in the basement, it might make sense to add a power generator to keep those items fresh in the event of a power outage. However, the addition of a generator has the potential to emit carbon monoxide so be sure to teach your loved one how to use it. Don’t forget to add a carbon monoxide detector on each floor.

Add Salt to Walkways

Sidewalks, driveways and other outside spaces where your loved one walks will be slippery to the point that they can lead to a fall that causes a broken hip, a fractured wrist, or even trauma to the head. The road to recovery will be quite challenging for the adult in your life. 

Buy some salt for your loved one to sprinkle on these walkways. He or she should also have footwear with good traction that prevents the potential for a potentially fatal slip and fall. Be sure to recommend that your parent or grandparent remove this footwear when returning indoors as ice and snow coated along the bottoms of boots will be quite slippery.

Prepare for Treacherous Driving Conditions

A senior citizen who drives during the brutal Philadelphia winters is deserving of commendation for bravery. The ice and snow-laden streets are quite treacherous from November through March. You can make driving in the Philadelphia winter that much safer for the elderly individual you love by having his or her car professionally inspected and maintained prior to the start of the winter. 

Replenish all automotive fluids, check the battery’s power, gauge the tread and air pressure of the tires, and you’ll sleep soundly knowing your aging family member is as safe as possible while driving throughout Philadelphia this winter.

Recognize the Threat of Hypothermia 

An extended period of time in the cold causes the body to lose heat, meaning it is dangerous for the senior you love to shovel the driveway, take the dog for a walk or do anything else outside for a lengthy period of time. If the body temperature declines to a low level, hypothermia might set in. Encourage your parent or grandparent to dial 911 if he or she has a slowed heart rate, difficulty breathing, issues with walking, or other signs of hypothermia. If your loved one insist on heading outside to shovel or take a walk, encourage him or her to dress in layers to prevent hypothermia.

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