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An Explanation of the COVID-19 Vaccine

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If you don’t fully understand what the COVID-19 vaccine contains and why it is so important, you will find comfort in the fact that you are not alone. The average person has been inundated by statements from the mainstream media stating the coronavirus vaccine is important yet most don’t understand the “why” of the matter. Let’s dig down deep to the truth about the vaccine and explain how it helps the human body beat coronavirus.

Explaining the Vaccine in Plain Terms

The most effective vaccines against coronavirus use messenger RNA, often referred to as mRNA for short. These vaccines teach cells within the human body to create protein that catalyze an immune response. mRNA vaccines provide protection against COVID-19 without subjecting individuals to considerable risk. 

Though there are some side effects from vaccines such as a sore arm, headache, slight fever, chills, and fatigue, they last merely a couple days at most. Furthermore, it is important to note medical industry researchers have been analyzing mRNA vaccines for several decades. In other words, tens of thousands of hours have been spent studying the optimal development of such vaccines and the safest way to bring them to market for use by residents of Philadelphia and beyond. 

By this point, you have likely heard a single mRNA vaccine shot alone will not suffice. However, you might not know that the same vaccine product is used for the second dose as well as the booster shot. Though there are differing opinions as to whether it is prudent to use a different mRNA vaccine for the booster shot than the initial vaccine administered in the first two shots, the booster will not be substantially different than the initial shot or that of the second shot. In other words, there is absolutely nothing to fear when getting your first vaccine shot, your second vaccine shot, or your booster shot.

Breaking Down mRNA Science

Vaccines transmit inactivated germs into the human body to spur a response from the immune system. However, mRNA vaccines are a bit different as they are made within a lab setting with the goal of instructing human body cells to generate protein that catalyzes the immune response within the body. This response generates antibodies that help prevent subsequent infection. 

Though it is possible for those who have been fully vaccinated with a booster shot to test positive for coronavirus, the vaccine is still highly effective in the context of preventing serious illness, hospitalization, and death. Once the vaccine is administered to a muscle in the upper arm, it moves into the cells throughout the body. The cells then break down the mRNA, display the spiked protein, and cause the immune system to develop antibodies as well as immune cells to combat what seems to be an infection. The body now understands how to guard against a subsequent virus infection and also mitigate against severe health setbacks if an infection occurs. 

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