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National Birth Defects Prevention Month – 5 Tips to Reduce the Risk of Birth Defects

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Aurora Home Care Philadelphia is observing National Birth Defects Prevention Month in January. Not all birth defects may be prevented. However, you can increase your opportunities of having a healthy infant, by being your healthiest self during and before pregnancy. Here are five tips from Aurora Home Care Philadelphia to reduce the risk of birth defects.

Be sure that you consume 400 mcg (micrograms) of folic acid every day

Folic acid is in the B Vitamin family. The body uses folic acid to produce new cells such as nails, skin, and hair. Within early development, it aids in forming the neural tube. It’s vital because it may aid in the prevention of some major birth defects of an infant’s spine and brain.

Aurora Home Care Philadelphia recommends arranging a visit with your doctor before starting or stopping any medicine

Many females must take medication to remain healthy, and there are often advantages to continuing the treatment throughout your pregnancy. If you’re attempting to have a baby or are simply considering it, now is an excellent time to begin to get ready for pregnancy. Speak to your healthcare provider about the medicine you might be taking.

Updated all vaccines, which includes the flu shot

Vaccines help safeguard you, as well as your baby. Some vaccinations, like influenza vaccine and Tdap vaccine are recommended specifically during every pregnancy.

Before getting pregnant, try and reach a healthy weight

Obesity boosts the risk for multiple severe birth defects and additional pregnancy complications. If you’re obese, overweight, or underweight, speak to your physician about methods of reaching and maintaining a healthy weight. Being physically active and consuming healthy foods are good ways to get ready for pregnancy.

Give your health a boost by avoiding dangerous substances while pregnant, like tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs

What’s best for you is additionally best for the baby. Cease in using dangerous substances while pregnant to avoid a harmful effect on the baby.

Other considerations

Health experts suggest that all women considering having a baby arrange a preconception appointment with their healthcare provider.

Experts suggest that women have preconception evaluations and counseling sessions with their doctors. There are many critical subjects to discuss when it pertains to planning for the healthiest pregnancy possible. Having this appointment is among the best methods of preparing.

Not all birth defects may be prevented, but comprehensive, proper, and early prenatal care may quickly identify problems. It can also increase the opportunities for a healthy delivery and pregnancy.

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