National Blood Donor Month: What are the benefits of donating blood?

National Blood Donor Month: What are the benefits of donating blood?

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Donating blood is an extremely kind act, taking very little effort from a donor; however, can truly save lives. It’s a safe method of reaching out and touching one’s life without having to do much. The procedure uses sterile equipment for each donor. That means there isn’t any risk of contracting a blood-borne infection or disease.

A healthy person easily can donate up to one pint of blood without negative side effects. Plus, if you have a rare type of blood, your blood makes an even bigger impact on whoever receives it. After you donate blood, your body naturally will replace those lost fluids within two days. Your body replenishes lost blood within 4 – 8 weeks.

Whenever you decide to donate blood, you not only touch another person/s life; you also benefit from that act. Here are three benefits of blood donation:

Helps to save lives

Everyone understands that by donating blood you’ll save lives. However, how exactly will you save lives? Donated blood may be used in an entire array of various circumstances. Patients in an accident or who became injured and are quickly losing blood will require a blood transfusion to help them recover. Patients going through a surgical procedure also will require donated blood to replace the blood that was lost during the operation.

The majority of donated blood goes to those with chronic medical conditions needing blood on a regular basis, like cancer patients and those who have blood diseases such as hemophilia. Those individuals require blood on a consistent basis. It’s for that reason that blood donation is such a blessing.

Reduces your risk of obtaining cancer

It might sound surprising to many folks, and they might even think it isn’t true. But blood donation plays a major role in the prevention of cancer. That doesn’t mean that the donor can’t get cancer. It simply means that it’s possible to reduce your chances of getting cancer by regularly donating blood!

That’s because once you donate blood, iron stores inside the body stay at a healthier level. A lower level of iron stored in your body is linked to a reduced risk of cancer. Medical research has proven that particularly older males had the ability to decrease their risk for cancer by giving their blood.

Lowers iron stores

Did you know that iron can form free radicals? Those are unstable molecules potentially leading to cancer and additional diseases associated with aging (like diabetes). An overabundance of iron is also connected with metabolic syndrome that’s characterized by glucose intolerance, insulin resistance, obesity, and hypertension. Research shows that many individuals take more iron in than their bodies really need to sustain good health.

In donating blood, you decrease iron stores in the body and, thereby, reduce your risk of developing numerous diseases, in addition to keeping the heart healthy. With each blood donation, you reduce the iron levels in the body and thereby decrease your risks even further.

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