Rare Disease Day, February 28

Rare Disease Day, February 28

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Rare Disease Day

Rare Disease Day occurs annually in late February. The goal is to raise awareness of medical issues and associated challenges that are often hidden and get less attention than “big name” conditions. It’s estimated that over 300 million people worldwide are struggling with rare diseases. A disease is considered rare if it affects less than 200,000 individuals in the U.S., tallying up to 30 million Americans (or 1 in 10). While you might recognize some of the conditions like Cystic Fibrosis, others about which you’ve likely never heard. It’s hard to keep up with over 7,000 different diseases, many of which are genetic and 95% of which are incurable. Rare Disease Day shines a light on these health problems, offering education and recommendations for care. 

Aurora Home Care & Hospice has the experience to assist elderly patients in the Feasterville, Lancaster, and Wyomissing, PA area who are dealing with rare diseases. There’s no question it’s exhausting and often frustrating for a family, who are often at a loss as to how to help. That’s where we step in, giving you extra eyes and hands in the comfort of home. Our goal is to improve the quality of living by offering the greatest amount of autonomy possible. 

Rare Disease Day

Rare Diseases and Frailty in the Aging Community

One challenge among the elderly is that rare diseases result in ever-increasing frailty, specifically declines in multiple physiological systems. In turn, there are safety issues in the picture, along with the effects of the disease. Our home health care aid and nursing services in Bucks County, Delaware County, and Chester county provide quality care, including specialized assistance for people in specific circumstances, including Vets. Each individual is unique. And while disease impacts the whole household, it does not (and should not) define the family. Our focus is patient-centric, adjusting to changes as situations progress. 

The Path to Dignity

Some 85% of elders have one chronic condition. 60% have two or more. When one of those is rare, the complexity of care becomes daunting.

At Aurora Home Care and Hospice Services, PA, we recognize the path for many has been difficult. Living with a rare disease impacts every aspect of life. You may have had to fight long and hard for not only diagnosis but treatment, for example. In addition, life-limiting issues create honest concerns. 

Our team strives to become part of your support system, tailoring our efforts to focus on independence and dignity. Our in-home caregivers empathize with the person who feels confused, sad, or even angry about their situation. A delicate, encouraging approach matters. Guidance with daily medication? No problem! A steady elbow for walking? A joy! Coordinating doctors and therapeutic appointments? Yes, that too. 


Be it Rare Disease Day or any other day, we want the best for individuals who require support. If you’d like to ask us questions, email us info@auroraathome.com. Or call any one of our offices:

Feasterville, PA: 1-215-354-4444
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