4 Home Care Myths — and Facts You Need to Know

4 Home Care Myths — and Facts You Need to Know

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The thought of leaving the comfortable familiarity of home is disconcerting for people who are aging and need more help than their families can provide. Such individuals feel like they could become a burden. In-home health care provides an answer for this situation, but there are a lot of misconceptions about having an aid. 

Aurora Home Care Agency in Pennsylvania understands your concerns. Our entire focus is giving people extra support, both the individual and their families. However, when you start looking for agencies, the amount of information can become overwhelming, along with the resulting questions. 

Let’s take a look at some specifics to clarify things:

4 Home Care Myths & Facts

No matter your situation, the more you know, the more at ease you’ll be in making important decisions about your loved one’s care. 

  1. There is no Way to Afford a Professional Aid or Nursing Service

If you meet eligibility requirements, caregiver services may be paid in full by Medicaid (provided the agency is Medicaid-certified) and many private insurers, too. Depending on income, you may have a small monthly “spend down” before the insurance begins paying in full. You can think of it as a deductible. 

If you have private insurance, reach out to their Navigators, who are trained to help you manage the paperwork for your application. Our staff is also available to answer questions and help you work through the proper channels, so the process of obtaining approval goes quickly.

  1. Hospitals and Other Elder Facilities Provide Better Care than Home Health Care

That might be your first impression, but the truth is Aurora Home Care and Hospice’s services are just as effective as the care you’d get at any skilled facility. Our quality professionals are licensed and trained. They come armed with knowledge and experience for things like

  • Checking pulse and blood pressure
  • Monitoring medication
  • Adjusting diet
  • Assisting with activity levels
  • Therapy
  • Watch for safety issues

And perhaps most importantly, companionship. Two extra eyes and ears can make a world of difference. 

Our goal is to keep things on an even keel. Where staff at a hospital have dozens of people they have to care for daily, your aid gets your full, undivided attention. They coordinate your care based on needs and preferences. So it’s not bleak and impersonal – you’re at home!

  1. My Family Cares for Me, so I don’t need Home Health Care. It Would Limit my Independence

Having family and friends around is comforting, but they are not professionally trained for your ongoing care. Additionally, caregivers often suffer from burnout when balancing their responsibilities with providing proper attention to their loved ones. If you’re dealing with conditions impacting your memory, like Alzheimer’s, having another person in your home gives you greater safety. 

Aids strive to preserve your independence. You are not “stuck” at home. They can take you shopping, to see a movie, or visit a friend, for example. A professional caregiver isn’t there to limit your freedom but rather to support it. They help with housekeeping, cooking, and other chores you find difficult within the home. Sure, you won’t know the Aid right away, but you’ll build rapport with time.

  1. To Qualify for Home Health Care, I need an RN, be bedridden, or be very ill.

Medicaid uses the term homebound, but that doesn’t mean bedridden. Homebound simply means you need assistance to leave your home without considerable effort. As for illness, you can qualify for aid services if you need ongoing physical or occupational therapy or after a hospital discharge and can’t take care of everyday matters during recovery. Aurora Home Health Care and Hospice does treat people with chronic issues, but that’s only one part of a much bigger picture. 

The Takeaway

You may feel nervous about getting in-home caregiving services, but for many people, it works wonders. Don’t let myths keep you from getting the assistance you need and deserve. You can contact Aurora Home Care and Hospice using our online form or by calling any of our offices for information on home care aid in Buck’s County, Delaware County, and Philadelphia.

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If you’re reading this and considering a career as an aid, we are hiring! You can fill out our online application any time.

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