Home Care Agency vs. Private Caregivers

Home Care Agency vs. Private Caregivers

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Home Care Agency vs. Private Caregivers

You’ll run across two options in your search for a home caregiver. One is hiring an agency like Aurora at Home. The second is hiring a private caregiver. Let’s see what is difference between Home Care Agency vs. Private Caregivers

Home Care Agency vs. Private Caregivers: The Private Caregiver

The family is the employer of the private caregiver. There is no agency coordinating care. That means you must set up a schedule and a plan of care for your loved one and take care of payroll. Should the hired caregiver call off, there needs to be a backup plan in place, such as having a friend come over on last-minute notice. Financially this can save money on homecare costs (25%), but an insurance company may or may not help with expenses. 

Private caregivers are uncertified. Nonetheless, they provide many of the same services as an agency aide. This person may clean, cook, attend to personal hygiene, and offer social interaction. When you cannot be home, your aide handles day-to-day necessities. 

Home Care Agency vs. Private Caregivers

Home Care Agency vs. Private Caregivers:  Home Care Agencies

If you use a home care agency like Aurora at Home, we are the employer for your aide. It’s our job to provide professional assistance and alleviate the paperwork for a family. The agency provides insurance, checks credentials and references, and performs background checks. Such diligent reviews of potential staff provide you with greater peace of mind. 

Other benefits of a professional home care agency include the following:

  • A team of professionals. The agency coordinates with all your loved one’s medical team and keeps them informed of any changes that may require a checkup. 
  • Consistency: The same person comes to care for your loved one each time. They build rapport. If something should happen, we have backup staff at the ready to cover a call-in. 
  • Personalization: With Aurora at Home, your loved one is not treated like a number. We take a holistic approach to our care. Our aides strive to get to know the individual and build their trust in the experience. We enjoy talking to everyone involved about medical needs, concerns, and the client’s wishes. An individual should always feel like they are part of the process, even when their mental health starts declining.
  • Specialized Care: Certain situations require a trained hand. For example, Aurora at Home has a plan focusing on Veterans and their unique needs. We also offer hospice services.
  • Beyond “homebound:” An aide can take your loved one to all manner of community happenings like a play, the ballet, or a food fair. They can also provide transportation to and from doctor’s appointments. 
  • Preferred by Seniors: A large majority of seniors prefer to age in place, the comfort, and familiarity of their own homes. 
  • Medication Supervision: As we age, the number of prescriptions we take daily increases. We are keeping track of what to take when it can be very confusing. Our Aides can check to be sure medications are taken at the proper time. 

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