Supporting Independence: How Home Healthcare Agency Philadelphia PA Promotes Aging in Place

Supporting Independence: How Home Healthcare Agency Philadelphia PA Promotes Aging in Place

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Surveys reveal that older adults would prefer to stay at home as they age (age in place). That’s great as an idea, but how do you go about finding a family caregiver in Philadelphia, PA, who meets your needs and supports the individual’s sense of dignity?

Elderly and challenged individuals have a right to quality health care provided by a professional, compassionate homecare agency in Philadelphia, PA, like Aurora at Home. The goal of our company is to offer personalized care suited to a person’s situation while they are in the comfort of their own home. 

While institutions and assisted living settings have a place in some instances, it’s worth evaluating the difference between that and the familiarity Aging in Place affords. Instead of noise, strangers walking up and down the halls, and loved ones’ staggering visits, home caregivers fix all that on a part-time or full-time basis. You have the peace of mind that your loved one is not alone. 

How Aids and Family Caregivers in Philadelphia, PA, are Supporting Independence

The job of home healthcare doesn’t stop with helping with daily needs. There are ways an aide can promote independence, something which Aurora at Home stresses. There are four key points in helping people feel self-sustained. 

  • Socialization

Socialization is one of the most important aspects of caregiving. Studies show that people who keep in touch with friends and continue activities outside the home are far less prone to depression and anxiety. An aide can take them to see a play, for example, or go to church and hang out with old friends. Family members don’t always have the time for these activities, but a caregiver does. 

  • Remaining Involved in Household Activities.

People like to participate in the things they’re accustomed to doing, even if they need help. Aurora’s staff offers two extra hands. For example, perhaps they have a favorite recipe but cannot manage all the steps. The individual becomes a teacher, taking the aide step by step toward the completed edible. While we’re at it, we may ask about meals they’d like in the future. 

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  • Respectful Treatment

When our caregivers arrive, they are fully aware of the importance of “minding their manners,” so to speak. A good illustration is the way in which items have been set out in the home. We don’t go around rearranging them. Those knickknacks have a chosen place to live and should remain there unless it’s a matter of safety. 

To look at it another way, how independent would you feel if someone else decided where your pots and pans would go, or spices? It removes the personal touch and, in some instances, can be very disturbing to those we serve. 

As a physical therapist will tell you, “Movement is lube.” Puttering around helps their entire body. We will ask if the elder would like to plant a garden, for example, or just take a walk. In some instances, our caregivers assist with in-house exercise equipment, making sure it’s used properly. 

  • Encourage Busy Brain

Individuals who do puzzles or board games are activating their minds. People following a favorite contest do too. The more a person exercises their mind, the less chance they have of severe dementia. 

Taking Steps to Acquire a Home Health Aide

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