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Your Child’s Nursing Experts Explained

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When it comes to getting something done right, it’s often not what you know, but who you know.

Especially, when it comes to your child’s pediatric health care.

It’s important that you understand which medical professionals to go to and for what.

In this article we’ll explain the three different types of nurses for pediatric care, as well as how you can streamline your child’s health care, and get the best comprehensive medical care for your child.

3 Types of Nurses for Pediatric Care

Here’s a breakdown of the three main types of nurses for pediatric medical care:

1. Registered Nurses

A registered nurse is what you imagine when you think of the image of a classic nurse in a doctor’s office.

A registered nurse can monitor your child’s recovery status, administer medication, measure vital signs, take down symptoms, and educate children on healthy habits and other health related information.

You bring your child to a registered nurse when you’re looking for help with the basics, or while you’re waiting for the doctor to come around.

2. Pediatric Nurses

A pediatric nurse practitioner can do the job of a registered nurse and more.

A pediatric nurse practitioner can diagnose symptoms, prescribe medical treatments, order lab tests, manage wound care, and even make referrals to be done by other medical professionals.

You bring your child to a pediatric nurse when you’re looking for slightly more in-depth medical assistance, independent of a doctor.

3. Clinical Nurses

A clinical nurse specialist provides the most advanced medical care out of the three types of nurses.

A clinical nurse specialist can create treatment plans, manage care, oversee health care delivery, and perform medical consultations.

You bring your child to a clinical nurse specialist when you’re looking for detailed medical advice or assistance.

pediatric care agency, pediatric home care philadelphia

Helping Your Child Get Fast Medical Treatment

The best thing you can do to help streamline your child’s health care services, is to know what medical professional is for what medical service.

This may sound like basic advice, but it’s something that is easily overlooked.

Often times, parents don’t know which medical professional to take their child to, until there’s already an emergency. At which, it may be too late to start researching and making phone calls.

Instead, learn about the different pediatric medical professionals in advance. Know what they do and when to take your child to one. Then, do some research and form a varied list of professionals whose work you feel confident in.

This way, when you have an emergency, you can quickly get your child to the right professional in an instant.

Finding Pediatric Care for Your Child

If you’re having trouble putting together a list of various medical professionals for all your child’s needs, consider working with a comprehensive home care agency.

At Aurora Home Care, we offer our pediatric clients a wide range of services and medical professionals. Our pediatric team is highly experienced in treating children, as well as kind and compassionate.

When it comes to pediatric care, we understand that children need more than just hard, cold medical attention. They need explanations, they need empathy, and they need reciprocation.

For more information on our pediatric services, call Aurora Home Care today at 215-354-4444.

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