Boost Seniors’ Immunity at Aurora Home Care, Inc.

11 Tips to Boost Seniors’ Immunity in the Winter

With the winter weather settling in, it’s important to keep up your senior’s health. Boost your senior’s immune system for the harsh winter weather wi...

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When Hospice Care is a Better Option for Your Loved One

What is hospice care? Hospice care is when you decide to take your senior out of the hospital, and start caring for them at home. It’s important to no...

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Family Exchanging Presents

Stress-Free Ideas for a Holly Jolly Christmas with Seniors

As fun as the holidays are, they can also get a bit stressful at times. Especially, when you want everything to be just perfect for your loved seniors...

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Everything You Need to Know About Home Care Cancer Aids

Thinking of hiring a home care professional for a cancer patient? Read all about it so you can make an educated decision. What are the benefits of hir...

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Child nestles in mother

Child Caregiving: How to Stay Positive

When you’re caregiving for children, one of the most important things to do is stay positive. Why? Because where a child learns is almost just as impo...

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Health visitor and a senior woman during home visit.

4 Signs It’s Time to Hire a Professional Caregiver

When it comes to caregiving, there are two routes you can go: do it yourself or hire someone else. Often times, the initial reaction is to a caregiver...

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Sad soldier covering his mouth while talking to his therapist

Real Talk Now: Preventing Suicide in Veterans

We’re going to get a little serious with this article. Because we have a serious topic to discuss. And, an extremely important topic to discuss: Veter...

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Front view of happy Caucasian woman looking at camera while having food on dining table at home

Helicopter Children: Steering Clear

How many of you have heard the term helicopter parent before? Show of hands, please. No? Okay. Well, it’s a pretty common term. And it basically refer...

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Elderly couple talking with doctor

All About Hospice Care and More

There’s a lot of misinformation out there about what hospice care is and how it works. So, we’re here to clear things up for you in a short and sweet ...

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Close-up of a soldier's hand taking a tissue from a box during t

Helping Veterans Navigate Life After Service

Finding one’s path in life is hard. Because it’s not just about what you want, it’s also about who wants you. But it’s even harder still for veterans....

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