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Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Lola Mananova

Lola’s journey at Aurora Home Care began in 2009 when she assumed the role of CEO. With her extensive experience in healthcare management, Lola brings a visionary approach to leadership, fostering innovation and compassion within our organization. Her commitment to patient-centric care and community engagement continues to drive Aurora Home Care towards excellence.

Lola Mananova

Our People

Our dedication means that we’ve considered every aspect of our clients’ needs and that means we haven’t forgotten about the importance of optimal communication with a caretaker. You can depend on Aurora Home Care to address your language requirements as well. Our local community marketing liaisons and service coordinator provide support to various multi-cultural communities in the Philadelphia area.


Leonard Zilbershteyn

Director of Nursing

Leonard has been working in the nursing field since 1992. He received his RN Diploma from NYU and was named Aurora’s Director of Nursing in 2009. Prior to that, Leonard also worked as a home care nurse for many years. He oversees our health professionals at Aurora and understands the types of care that our clients are likely to require on a day-to- day basis.


Svetlana Ustayev

RN, Director of Nursing of Pediatric department

Svetlana joined Aurora Home Care in 2019. With a wealth of experience in the medical field, nursing and a dedication to excellence, Svetlana ensures that our young patients receive the highest quality of care. Her leadership and expertise guide our nursing team in providing compassionate and specialized care tailored to the unique needs of each child.


Olga Buchkevych

Head of Human Resources Department

Starting her career from scratch within Aurora, she has risen through the ranks with dedication and determination. Olga’s journey reflects her unwavering commitment to our organization’s values, and her exceptional leadership has been instrumental in shaping our workplace culture. Her passion for nurturing talent and fostering growth is evident in every aspect of her work, making her an invaluable asset to our team.


Sharon Hwang

Korean Community Director

Sharon Hwang, Director of the Korean Department at Aurora Home Care, is dedicated to providing personalized support in both Korean and English. With her expertise, she can guide you in determining the medical benefits and services available for various health conditions, including sudden, chronic, or terminal illnesses, as well as accidents. For direct assistance, you can reach Sharon at (215) 833-1559 or via email at sharon@auroraathome.com.

오로라 홈케어 & 호스피스의 한국담당 원장 샤론황 입니다. 갑자기 찿아온 질병과 사고, 어떤 의료혜택을 받으실수 있는지 상담후 결정하세요. 직통:215 833 1559 이매일: sharon@auroraathome.com


Amanda Perez

Intake Department

Amanda has over a decade of experience in the intake process. She champions the rights of our clients tirelessly. She navigates the bureaucratic maze of social services with tenacity and compassion, ensuring that every client receives the services they deserve for a quality life. Amanda’s unwavering commitment to advocating for our clients embodies our mission to provide exceptional care and support to those in need.


Nataliya Babycheva

Administrator of Pediatric department

Nataliya Babycheva plays a vital role as a liaison between our clients’ needs and insurance companies. With precision and empathy, she navigates the complex landscape of insurance to ensure that our young patients receive the necessary care and support they require. Nataliya’s dedication to facilitating seamless communication and coordination reflects her unwavering commitment to serving the best interests of our pediatric patients and their families.


Alina Polianski

ODP Department

Alina is the backbone of our Office of Developmental Program (ODP) Department, where we serve clients facing behavioral challenges. With expertise in clinical social work and psychology, Alina brings a unique blend of empathy and evidence based approach to her role. Her dedication to understanding and addressing the needs of our clients with behavioral issues is unparalleled, making her an invaluable advocate for their well-being.


Carmen Wesson

Community Coordinator

Hello, my name is Carmen Wesson. I am the liaison for the English speaking community at Aurora Home Care. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about Aurora Home Care or any of our other services. My e-mail is carmen@auroraathome.com. I hope to hear from you soon!


Nargiza Ibragimova

Care Coordinator

Nargiza is a true guardian for both patients and home health aides alike. With a compassionate spirit and unwavering dedication, she ensures that everyone under our care is looked after and well-compensated. Nargiza’s tireless efforts ensure that both the needs of our patients and the hard work of our caregivers are met with the utmost attention and care.


Melissa Li

Head of the Chinese Department

Melissa Li is the head of the Chinese Department at Aurora Home Care. Melissa’s cultural awareness and dedication ensure that she provides the highest quality care tailored to the needs of the community. Whether you have questions about the services offered, need guidance on the benefits you can receive, or are interested in joining the team, Melissa is here to support you. You can contact her for personalized consultations and comprehensive assistance. Consultations are available in both Chinese and English.