we are committed to providing exceptional pediatric care with compassion, excellence, and reliability.

Ensuring Your Child's Health and Safety with Our Pediatric Home Care

With pediatric care offered by Aurora Home Care, we offer our families across the Bucks County and Philadelphia, PA, areas the most exceptional home care for their children. We deliver nothing but compassion and understanding, treating each patient on an individual basis to ensure robust care.

Pediatric Care Services

Our pediatric team members are highly trained professionals, including Certified Nursing Aides and Home Care Aides, and have vast experience in treating children regardless of their needs. We offer 24-hour responses in Feasterville, PA, and Bucks County, PA, to a range of standard and complicated pediatric issues to ensure peace of mind when dealing with your little one’s condition.

Our Pediatric Home Care Connects with the Whole Family

We work within your home with the highest respect and understanding of your situation and work towards your family goals in delivering pediatric care in Bucks County and Philadelphia, PA. Our number one priority is improving the lives and outcomes of the entire family, so by choosing Aurora for your pediatric care, you are choosing quality.

Most people in the greater Philadelphia area are aware that more seniors are aging in place within the comfort of home thanks to the rise of home care services. However, pediatric home care services are also increasing in popularity with each passing day. Aurora Home Care is proud to provide pediatric home care services to those in Philadelphia, Allentown and surrounding communities.

Pediatric care provided with compassion makes the difference between sustaining a child’s well-being and unnecessary suffering. Your child needs and deserves the best possible care. Our pediatric home care service provides exactly that. Our care is reliable, high-quality, and focused on improving the physical and mental health of your little bundle of joy.

The pediatric care we provide for your child is not guaranteed to be exactly the same as that provided to the next child. This approach is by design. Our care is provided on an individualized basis, meaning we customize service for each Philadelphia-area youngster’s specific needs.

Home Care Providers Worthy of Your Trust

As a parent, you should not trust anyone but those with a proven track record of success with childcare. We have years of experience providing Philadelphia families with pediatric home care services. Our trained professionals include Home Care Aides and Certified Nursing Aides. We treat children with a wide variety of needs. Our services even include 24-hour responses that provide a truly invaluable peace of mind.

Meet with our pediatric home care service providers and you will find we are more than willing to tailor service to your child’s needs and the nuances of your home environment. We go out of our way to develop a comprehensive understanding of your unique situation and make progress toward a higher quality of life for your children. Our overarching goal is to enhance the outcomes of local families in and around Philadelphia.

Our in-home pediatric care services are centered on helping your loved ones maintain a high quality of life in spite of what might seem like insurmountable challenges. Even if you are low income, lack insurance, or only have partial coverage, we are flexible to the point that we will come up with creative solutions for your unique situation and challenges.

Pediatric In-Home Care

Our pediatric home care services providers are fully licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Health. We are a Medicaid, Medicare, and CHAP certified agency. If you live in the greater Philadelphia area and need assistance in the context of pediatric care, do not continue to suffer in silence. Be proactive by reaching out to our care providers and we will do everything in our power to make your life easier and also improve your child’s quality of life.