In our busy society, we often forget how important companionship is to our overall well-being, particularly for individuals who are aging, disabled, or living alone.

At Aurora Home Care, we understand the need for professional, compassionate, quality companion care services in Philadelphia, PA. Our team offers more than just assistance; we offer a meaningful relationship that supports seniors’ independent lives, advancing their quality of life and enhancing their daily lives.

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What Is Companion Care?

Companion care caters to individuals’ emotional, social, and physical well-being. At Aurora Home Care, we offer a wide range of caring services to meet our client’s needs:

  • Personal Care Assistance. 
This includes help with daily tasks like bathing, dressing, and toileting. Our professional caregivers support and ensure seniors maintain their dignity and comfort.
  • Light Housekeeping, Linen Changes, and Laundry. 
Our homemaker services are meant to support daily routines around the household. We understand daily household chores can be challenging; we are here to help.
  • Personal Emergency Response. 
Our caregivers are trained to respond promptly and effectively during any emergency, ensuring the safety of our seniors.
  • Meal Preparation. 

Our caregivers help with meal prep and ensure nutritious meals are served per our client’s personal preferences and special diet needs.
  • Care Management. 

We tailor a care plan to meet our clients’ needs, ensuring they receive comprehensive, personalized, and quality care.
Older lady with her companion caretaker.

What Are the Services Included in
Our Specialized Home Care Services?

Enhances Quality of Life

Our senior companion care in Philadelphia, PA services are designed to enrich the quality of life for older adults. By fostering meaningful relationships for senior adults, companion care contributes to their emotional well-being, but also enhances an overall sense of fulfillment and happiness.

Reduces Social Isolation

Elderly individuals often face social isolation. Senior companion services actively engage seniors in regular social interaction and provide a sense of community.

Promotes Independence

Companion care services foster independence among senior adults by assisting them with daily tasks. This promotes a sense of self-sufficiency and maintains the normalcy and dignity of the seniors’ daily routines.

Aids in Completing Daily Tasks

Light housekeeping, meal preps, and similar household chores can be challenging for seniors. Companion care services provide the necessary assistance to make daily living more comfortable and safe.

Prepares Nutritious Meal Preparation

Proper nutrition is crucial, especially for seniors. Therefore, a key aspect of companion care services is the preparation of nutritious meals, taking into account any special diet needs or preferences.

Promotes Mental Health

The meaningful relationships formed through elderly companion care play a significant role in promoting excellent mental health. Regular exposure to loving care from a companion contributes to mutual joy and harmony, which is essential for mental wellness.

Why Trust Aurora Home Care for Companion Care Service?

Why Trust Aurora Home Care for Companion Care Service?

Passionate Professionals

Aurora Home Care is not just a home care agency.
We are a team of senior companion service providers dedicated to offering excellent care with a loving touch to seniors in Philadelphia. Our commitment and passion ensure that we deliver quality care to enhance our client’s quality of life.

Comprehensive Range of Services

We offer a wide range of senior companion services, from light housekeeping to meal preparations and personalized care. This way, we simplify daily routines, manage household chores, and prevent social isolation while promoting independent living among seniors.

Tailored Care Plan for Each Client

Recognizing our senior clients’ uniqueness and diverse needs, we customize our care plans. Whether companion care, personal care services, or respite care, Aurora Home Care tailors each service to meet the specific needs of every client. This personalized approach improves the daily life of senior adults and ensures their satisfaction.

Affordable Home Care

Enjoy top-notch and affordable home care services with Aurora Home Care. Our companion care services are competitive and designed to accommodate a wide range of budgets.

Adherence to Quality Standards

All services at Aurora Home Care are designed and implemented in accordance with the highest quality standards. From maintaining special diets during meal preps to ensuring the safety of seniors while executing daily tasks, we promote a comfortable and independent life for every senior client.

Additional Assistance As Needed

At Aurora Home Care, we understand that senior care often requires additional assistance. That’s why we offer non-medical care, helping seniors seamlessly maintain their daily routine.

Focus on Building Meaningful Relationships

Our caregivers understand the importance of companionship in seniors’ lives. Hence, they prioritize creating company and nurturing meaningful relationships, improving our client’s overall well-being and happiness.


At Aurora Home Care, Bringing Love Home is more than just words; it is our way of caring and treating our clients.

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At Aurora Home Care, we firmly believe in the importance of maintaining the dignity, independence, and joy of life for seniors. We understand that every individual has unique care needs, so we offer personalized care plans catering to each client’s lifestyle and health condition.

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