How to Ready Your Senior for Spring Season

How to Ready Your Senior for Spring Season

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How to Ready Your Senior for Spring Season

Spring is finally here. This is the time to do some spring cleaning, open up the windows, enjoy the fresh air, and spend time with your loved ones. In particular, it is important that you prepare the senior in your life for an enjoyable spring season. 

Soak up a Little Sun With the Senior You Love so Much

The cloudy skies are giving way to sunny days, refreshing spring breezes, and blooming flowers. This is the perfect time of the year to go for a nature walk with the senior in your life. If your aging relative walks with a cane, a walker, or uses a wheelchair, get it ready for a morning or afternoon outside. 

Pack some snacks along with a couple of bottles of water, head on out to the local park or other green space for a stroll, and soak in the sun’s vitamin D. Even if you walk in a Philadelphia park with your parent, grandparent, or another relative for a mere 10 minutes, it will lift his or her spirit. Just be sure to bring some water for hydration, any means of support necessary for your aging relative to walk without fear of falling, and your smartphone just in case you need assistance.

How to Ready Your Senior for Spring Season

Crack Open the Windows

Your senior will prove that much more likely to be active rather than sedentary if you open up a window or two during the spring season. Breathing in the fresh air is an inherently uplifting experience that might motivate the senior in your life to take a brief walk around the building, socialize with others outdoors, and get some exposure to the sun for much-needed vitamin D.

Plan an Outdoor Activity

Sit down with your aging loved one and talk about what you would like to do that day. If your parent or other relative wants to have a picnic, sit outside of the care facility, feed the birds at the park, or go shopping, be enthusiastic about the plan. Encourage your relative to continue suggesting outdoor activities so the two of you can take advantage of the beautiful spring weather, spend time outdoors, and live life to the fullest this spring while enjoying Philadelphia in all its beauty.

Prepare for the Sun

The lovely spring air has the potential to prove intoxicating. Your parent’s skin will likely be highly sensitive to the sun’s harmful UV rays. If you plan on spending more than 20 minutes outdoors, bring protection to shield your parent’s sensitive skin against the sun’s wrath. Sunscreen with a high SPF, a wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses, chapstick, and water will help guard against the sun’s harmful UV rays.

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