Is a Second Coronavirus Vaccine Dose Really Necessary?

Is a Second Coronavirus Vaccine Dose Really Necessary?

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Is a Second Coronavirus Vaccine Dose Really Necessary?

Plenty of people in Philadelphia and elsewhere falsely believe a single vaccine dose will suffice in the ongoing battle against coronavirus. Though the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is a single dose vaccine, the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines require a second dose. In fact, it appears as though one or several booster shots will also be necessary after the second shot. Here is a quick look at why the second vaccine dose is essential to beating the virus and finally returning life to normal.

Why the Second Vaccine Shot is Important

Everyone who receives the Moderna and Pfizer vaccine shot should return to the Philadelphia-area shot provider for a second shot. This subsequent shot is necessary to provide full protection against coronavirus. However, it must be noted the vaccines cannot be interchanged with one another. This means if you received the initial shot of Moderna’s vaccine, your second shot should also be Moderna as opposed to Pfizer or Johnson & Johnson. 

Even if you have side effects following the initial shot, you will need a second shot. Otherwise, your protection against the virus will be a mere 50% to 60%. Though a second shot from a local Philadelphia provider does not guarantee full protection against the virus, it will likely prove 95% effective or even higher.

Sweat the Small Stuff of Vaccine Protection: Timing

The length of time between the initial shot and the second shot hinges on the vaccine you are provided with. Those who receive the Moderna vaccine should receive the second shot exactly four weeks after the first shot. Those who receive the Pfizer vaccine should receive the subsequent shot within three weeks of the initial shot. 

Try to get this second shot as close as possible to the interval designated above. If necessary, the second shot should be taken up to six weeks after the first. However, this second shot should not be taken before the intervals detailed above. 

An early second shot might result in insufficient protection against the virus. If you have any questions about scheduling your second shot, contact the Philadelphia organization that originally enrolled you in the system for the first shot for guidance.

Err on the Side of Caution as Opposed to Risk

Err on the Side of Caution as Opposed to Risk

As is commonly said, it is better to be safe rather than sorry. Though the first vaccine does provide some protection, this protection is limited. Full vaccination does not occur until the second shot is received. Skip the second shot and you will miss out on important immunity benefits that ultimately put your health and well-being in jeopardy.

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