Benefits of the Beach for Seniors

Benefits of the Beach for Seniors

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The beach isn’t strictly for youngsters who are in shape, skinny and tan. The beach is for everyone including senior citizens. Though the sand and water might not attract a litany of senior citizens, those who make their way out to the beach will agree it is well worth the time and the effort. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the top benefits of the beach for seniors.

Seniors Need a Break From Screens

There is a common misconception that the rising use of screens is primarily a problem for members of the younger age cohorts. However, seniors are also hooked on screens. Some seniors read on their Amazon Kindle devices. Other seniors watch TV throughout the day. Though few seniors play video games, plenty use the internet on desktop and laptop computers. 

A visit to the beach will get you or the senior in your life away from the seemingly ubiquitous screens. Spend some time by the water while sitting in the sand and you will agree it is that much more beneficial than spending the time in front of yet another screen.

An Opportunity to Socialize

The beach is a relaxing place to be. This is an opportunity for seniors to hang out, talk with fellow beach-goers and form new friendships. Even if you only have a love of the beach in common, your newly developed friendships formed on the sand just might set the stage for a mutually beneficial lifelong relationship with another member of the Philadelphia community. So be sure to strike up a conversation with those you spot at the beach.

Escape the Noise Pollution

Living in and near Philadelphia often feels like a sensory overload experience. Escape the rat race and the accompanying noise pollution by spending some time at the beach with a fellow senior or the senior in your life. Studies show the sound of beach waves soothes people into a deep state of relaxation. In fact, this sound even alters the brain’s wave patterns. Chill out at the beach and you will feel a sense of peacefulness that helps you remain cool, calm, and steady no matter how stressful life gets this is another great benefit of the beach for seniors. 

benefits of the beach for seniors

Get Some Much-Needed Vitamin D

Now that the Philadelphia winter is finally over, it is time to soak up some vitamin D in the sun. Most Philadelphia senior citizens do not spend much time in the sun as the skies are often overcast, the skin becomes more sensitive to sunlight throughout the aging process, and also because it takes a considerable amount of effort to get out to the beach. However, soaking up the vitamin D from the sun is one of best benefits of the beach for seniors. Seniors with a vitamin D deficiency are that much more likely to endure health issues ranging from anemia to diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and depression.

Seniors Need the Fresh Air

Take a moment to think about the last time you spent an extended amount of time outside. Most people have been quarantining indoors for a year due to the ongoing pandemic. Seniors were already struggling to find opportunities to spend time outdoors. The pandemic made life that much more depressing for those with mobility challenges and other age-related medical issues. 

Venture out to the beach and you will be able to spend hours by the water, breathing in the fresh air. This experience will lift your mood. Even if you don’t play beach volleyball or swim in the water, simply breathing in the lovely fresh air will prove quite relaxing.

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