5 Steps for Providing an Alzheimer’s Patient With the Proper Home Care

5 Steps for Providing an Alzheimer’s Patient With the Proper Home Care

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5 Steps for Providing an Alzheimer’s Patient With the Proper Home Care

Caring for an Alzheimer’s patient has the potential to drain your energy, leaving you depleted, and depressed. If you are not currently providing the Alzheimer’s patient in your life with strategic care, now is the time to do so. A strategic approach to caregiving will help preserve your patience, ultimately improving the quality of care, and proving mutually beneficial for you and your loved one. If the burden of care becomes too much for you to handle, do not hesitate to ask for assistance from our Bucks County home care services providers. Let’s delve into a few tips that will help you care for the Alzheimer’s patient in your life.

Focus on Safety

The last thing you need is for the forgetful senior in your life to mistakenly hurt him or herself. Care should be centered on keeping your loved one safe. If furniture has sharp corners, pad it. Add tape with a bright color to step edges for better visibility. Reduce the boiler temperature so your loved one doesn’t suffer a burn. He or she should also have a pair of sneakers that are comfortable, enhance balance, and prevent broken toes upon contact with hard objects.

Establish a Routine

Develop a daily routine for your Alzheimer’s patient and he or she will get into the habit of doing the same things each day. However, developing such a plan is not easy. If you need assistance creating a routine for your family member, our Philadelphia home care specialists are here to help.

5 Steps for Providing an Alzheimer’s Patient With the Proper Home Care

Develop an Understanding of Alzheimer’s

Providing care for an Alzheimer’s patient will prove that much easier if you understand the unique types of challenges it presents. Our team is here to help you determine if your loved one has mild, severe, or moderate Alzheimer’s and tailor care appropriately.

Continue To Try To Communicate

Communicating with an Alzheimer’s patient is frustrating. However, if you select easy-to-understand words, speak slowly, and maintain a low and controlled tone of voice, the senior in your life will be that much more inclined to listen carefully and possibly even remember your statements.

Focus on Nutritional Balance

Alzheimer’s patients often end up malnourished as they forget to eat or simply eat the same tasty foods over and over again. Put several bottles of water out in the rooms your loved one frequents so he or she remembers to hydrate. Prepare meals ahead of time and your family member or friend won’t have to worry about creating meals on his or her own. It will also help to give the Alzheimer’s patient a call three times per day at designated meal times so he or she remembers to eat. 

You can also permanently program your loved one’s smartphone to chime an alarm at each day’s meal times. Just be sure to put a large note by the area where your loved one typically keeps his or her phone that states the purpose of the alarm. This way, there won’t be any confusion as to why the alarm is chiming.

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