An Inside Look at the VetAssist Program

An Inside Look at the VetAssist Program

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An Inside Look at the VetAssist Program

We take pride in providing local Philadelphia and Allentown veterans with the assistance they need to live with dignity. Our team emphasizes the assistance provided through the VetAssist program. This program helps seniors remain in their home throughout their golden years, retaining a level of independence and financial freedom that would otherwise not be possible in an assisted living center or nursing home.

VetAssist Program Details

The VetAssist program is designed with veterans specifically in mind. Though this benefit available through the Department of Veteran Affairs is not widely publicized, it greatly improves vets’ quality of life. In fact, the program is even applicable to vets’ surviving spouses. The purpose of the program is to help senior citizens cover the cost of the activities of daily living. 

The logic in establishing the VetAssist program is to provide veterans of the armed services with the assistance they need to enjoy a high quality of life after sacrificing their self-interest, health, and well-being for the greater good of those living in Philadelphia and the rest of the country. Take advantage of the VetAssist program and you or your loved one will be able to remain in the comfort of home and continue living with dignity.

Financial Assistance for Veterans

The VetAssist program is structured to help veterans or surviving spouses overcome hurdles standing in the way of obtaining financial assistance for the activities of daily living, also known as ADL. This benefit, available through the Department of Veteran Affairs, provides financial assistance that helps those who have sacrificed the most enjoy a high quality of life as they age. 

We understand the process of applying for a pension through the VA is intimidating and stressful. If you feel overwhelmed, don’t give up! Our team is here to guide you through the entirety of this process including assistance that helps you obtain the documents necessary to receive your pension. All in all, we have 15+ years of experience helping those who served the greater good obtain financial assistance from the VA.

Assistance After Approval

Our team will continue to provide assistance after you are approved for aid through the VA including the Attendance benefit. We sweat all the small stuff on your behalf to ensure you are in full compliance with the VA’s nuanced requirements for medical expense coverage. If you have questions or concerns during this process, reach out to us with a phone call and we will provide the guidance you need.

An Inside Look at the VetAssist Program

Program Details

In order to qualify for the VetAssist program, you must have a minimum of 90 days of active duty under your belt including a minimum of one day served during wartime along with an honorable discharge. In terms of medical needs, the applicant must have a disability considered to be non-service-connected that requires assistance with ADLS, short for the activities of daily living. 

Those under the age of 65 are required to have a letter that proves disability as provided through the Social Security Administration. Finally, the applicant must have financial limitations that make the cost of medical care a financial burden.

The maximum monthly benefit available through the VetAssist program for married veterans is $2,902. The maximum monthly benefit for a married couple is $2,169. The max benefit for a single veteran is $1,830. Surviving spouses’ benefits through the VetAssist program top out at $1,176.

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