Natural Sleep Remedies to Help Seniors with Insomnia

Natural Sleep Remedies to Help Seniors with Insomnia

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Senior with insomnia sleeping after receiving help

As a home care agency in Philadelphia, PA, Aurora Home Care’s professionals have seen the negative impact insomnia has on our clients. It is not unusual for a senior adult to suffer from sleep disorders. Not everyone can take over-the-counter sleep aids, as they may not be safe when combined with other medications. So what can you do?

Natural Options

Natural sleep aides and remedies for elderly act as a supplement to their current care regimen. You should always check with a physician to ensure an item will not have a negative impact on overall wellbeing. By in large, herbal additives help stabilize and support the immune system without chemicals. Natural options offer two big bonuses, too. They are cost-saving and don’t require prescriptions.

Four Ways to Help Seniors with Insomnia: Chamomile, Lavender, Melatonin, & Valerian

Chamomile has traits similar to valerian. It has a calming effect that sometimes even helps with depression. Studies show chamomile is useful as a digestion aid and anti-inflammatory. Also, prepare this as tea.

Lavender promotes relaxation and a sense of peace. This herb offers a variety of ways to put it into use. Place a bundle under the pillow. Dab the essential oil on items near the bed. Let your loved one take a long, hot soak in water with lavender (toss in the chamomile too). This is a take on aromatherapy. If you have a home care aide, they can help set this up and monitor the individual for safety. 

Melatonin is one option for helping get to sleep and stay asleep. It is a naturally occurring hormone in the body, and there are synthetic versions of Melatonin in pill form. It inspires the body’s sleep cycle to return to normal. You may also find Melatonin recommended for Alzheimer’s victims. 

Valerian is also a natural product useful for sleep disorders. It decreases the anxiety that often keeps people awake. In turn, a person goes to sleep faster. Try offering your senior valerian tea after dinner. 

natural herbal help for seniors with insomnia

Sleep Hygiene

Among the natural sleep remedies for seniors with insomnia, we at Aurora Home Care in Chester, Delaware, and Bucks County recommend using what’s called sleep hygiene. It’s very straightforward because it focuses on behaviors, routines, environments, and patterns. You, or your Aurora home health aide, can tailor the new practices to better suit the situation. Over time, it will become as natural as putting on socks. 

Here are some tips:

  1. Schedule a wake-up time, perhaps one that coincides with medication administration. You want your senior to get into a consistent rhythm. 
  2. Similarly, try to go to bed at the same time each night, but for social occasions. 
  3. Give steps one and two a chance. You can’t alter a person’s sleep cycle all at once. Adjust slowly. 
  4. Keep the individual’s napping to a minimum
  5. Have a wind-down period where you set up calming music, soft lighting, breathing exercises-anything that moves away from daytime activities. That means no electronics. They cause mental stimulation. 
  6. Consider introducing relaxation exercises like guided meditation into the daily routine. 

Healthy Habits

Sleep hygiene goes further into your daily activities. Get plenty of natural light. Remain as physically active as practicable. Avoid caffeine in the late afternoon and evening. 

Try to avoid eating after 6 pm. It not only puts on the pounds but your digestion may keep you awake. If your loved one is hungry, try something light and healthy.

Helping Hands

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