4 Ways Home Health Aid Agency in Philadelphia Can Provide Summertime Relief

4 Ways Home Health Aid Agency in Philadelphia Can Provide Summertime Relief

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Home Health Aid Agency in Philadelphia

Our minds turn toward picnics, beaches, road trips, and reunions when warm months roll around. However, when you have a homebound loved one, any of those goals can prove daunting. How can a Home Health Aid Agency in Philadelphia like Aurora Home Care help?

Home health aid agency – Summer Activities: Sun and Heat

If you’re using a home health aid agency in Philadelphia like Aurora Home Care, you can take an aide with you on your planned summer adventures. Before leaving home, your aide can help your loved one pick out suitable clothing for the weather and apply sunscreen. Once outside, the aide watches for signs of overheating, sunburn, and dehydration that you might miss simply because you’re occupied elsewhere.

Should your plans require transportable food, an aide can prepare healthy meals, keeping them light. Heavy food combined with heat can make for an upset stomach, headache, or dizziness. Alongside the bagged lunch, there’s plenty of water, too.
Going Solo

Sometimes, you want to get away, even for a few hours. Having a trained aide means you can take that hike, visit some friends, or hit the summer outdoor markets. You have freedom, away from the worries and pressures of caring for your loved one. Some people feel guilty about this, but you shouldn’t. You can’t possibly care for others when you’re ready to burn out. Home Health Care gives you peace of mind to enjoy your break.

Home Health Aid Agency in Philadelphia

One of the greatest blessings of a home caregiver is more free time.

Open the curtains! Open the Windows! Clean!In many parts of the country, homes stay closed all winter. Come spring and summer; you have the opportunity to air out the house and put things back in order, assisted by your aide. Typical professional caregiving includes light house cleaning, including laundry, dishes, and dusting. Any area where your loved one spends significant time is one in which you can enlist your aids able hands.

As you go through the house, take extra time looking for safety issues and checking your thermostat for proper cooling. Your aide can monitor this any day they work.

Holiday Celebrations

Homebound people often experience holiday blues. The two most famous holidays in the summer are Memorial Day and Independence Day. Memorial Day is an excellent opportunity to pay extra attention to your veteran and help them connect with other vets in the community. Your aide can ask questions about their memories and honor their service. On Independence Day, there are gatherings of family and friends dotting the landscape. Ask your aide for assistance in preparing your loved one for inclusion in your plans.

Home health aid agency in Philadelphia – The Aurora Home Care

When you’re looking for home health care in Philadelphia, Aurora Home Care & Hospice stands out as a leader in personalized care. Our aides are compassionate, trustworthy, and dependable. You will remain part of every step of the way in your loved one’s care. Reach out to any one of our three offices:

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