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10 Important Benefits of Home Health Care Services in Philadelphia Pa

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As our loved ones age, we notice them having difficulty with specific tasks. Mom with arthritis has a hard time using various items in the home. Dad with a bad hip becomes a falling risk. Grandpa, with Alzheimer’s, begins forgetting his medication. No matter the situation, you are faced with the question of how to help said individual without them feeling like you’re butting in, being overly protective, or trying to take control of their whole lives. Let’s face it people get set in their ways.You have options ranging from a facility or assisted living to keep your family member at home with professional care supporting safety and wellbeing. Our professionals here at Aurora understand these are not easy matters to measure. Let’s review some Important benefits of Home Health Care services in Philadelphia, Pa.

  1. Dignity and Independence. It’s not easy to admit you can’t do what you did easily, even five years ago. In a home setting, a person can continue their daily ritual with a little help from a trained aide. In turn, this also maintains their sense of dignity and self-worth. Being at home stresses a sense of normalcy that facilities cannot provide. 
  2. Safety. Most people these days cannot offer aging loved ones as much personal assistance as they wish. You go to work worried that something may go wrong while you are away. Home health care services in Philadelphia, PA, give you peace of mind. You can work with an agency in creating a schedule where the individual receives the care they need, when they need it, especially with important matters like making sure they take medication properly, or they don’t do something that may cause them harm, like lifting heavy objects. 
  3. Preventing family burnout. You have a busy life and numerous responsibilities. When you add caregiving to an already filled plate, it can become overwhelming. People find themselves losing sleep, becoming irritable and anxious, and self-care often goes right out the window. Your focus becomes your loved one, and many other things in your life may suffer as a result. When you have in-home care provided by Aurora at Home, you get much-needed breaks. 
  4. Information and resources: The ins and outs of health care, insurance, durable medical equipment, and the never-ending changes in medical treatment could fill volumes. The average person may know bits and pieces, but there are a lot of gaps – gaps you want to be filled in order to ensure the best possible services for your loved one. A home health team provides education. They can also connect you with valuable resources.
  5. Care coordinationAurora at Home personnel coordinate with your loved one’s health care providers making sure all modalities complement each other. One of the best outcomes of care coordination is it decreases trips to the hospital. Your loved one receives monitoring from more than one source.
  6. A trusted team. Besides working with current physicians, home health providers in Philadelphia, PA, have people with specialties on their staff, including occupational therapists, speech therapists, physical therapists, social workers, and registered nurses.
  7. Personalization; There is nothing worse than feeling faceless and nameless. While the medical profession is moving forward toward honing care for the individual, home health care has a much stronger personal connection. The aide becomes part of the household who knows what your loved one enjoys, be it playing cards or watching game shows.
  8. Companionship. One of the most debilitating things for an aging adult is feeling alone. It causes depression and anxiety. Aides at Aurora at Home have strong communication skills and a heaping portion of compassion for building a relationship with your loved one.
  9. Familiarity. Home offers comfort. There’s a place for everything and a thing for every place. Beloved pictures dot the walls. Do you know anyone who enjoys going to the hospital or a rehab facility? There’s something indifferent about the atmosphere. Studies show people recover more quickly at home for short-term issues. In the long term, it’s difficult for a person to move out of the place they love.
  10. Insurance coverage. In many cases, Medicaid and Medicare will cover some, if not all, of the costs of your home care services.

When you don’t feel well, it’s hard to keep up with daily chores like vacuuming, dishes, and decluttering. Professional caregivers help you maintain a safe, clean environment. 

Aurora At Home: the Benefits of Home Care in Philadelphia

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