7 Reasons Why home health care services is Important for the Elderly

7 Reasons Why home health care services is Important for the Elderly

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Home health care services are essential for the elderly because they provide compassionate care balanced with an awareness of the individual’s specific needs. We at Aurora Home Care (Philadelphia, PA) recognize this, and it is difficult for families to hire someone rather than provide caregiving themselves. Nonetheless, in-home aides offer a precious service. Let’s examine why home health care services are essential for the Elderly.


Nearly everyone has experienced a moment in a doctor’s office where you wonder if they even read your chart. It feels cold and dispassionate. A team of people focused on your loved one’s well-being makes an enormous difference. A trained aide, like our team, gets to know the individual – their likes, dislikes, what makes them laugh, and what makes them most at ease. They won’t be hunting through documents, and their attention will stay focused on the matter. 

Comfort and Convenience

Many older adults are unhappy with the idea of going into a facility. They love their home, and it’s familiar and feels secure. For people with advanced dementia, recognizing the things around them provides stable context and continuity. 

Home is convenient and not filled with other medical personnel coming and going. It’s a family space where folks can come without that awkwardness some facilities create, be it because of ambiance or staff attitudes.

Cost Savings – home health care services 

Home care costs are significantly lower than residential nursing facilities. Many insurance providers cover some of this cost, as does Medicaid. Some individuals may have a monthly spend-down before Medicaid kicks in, and others pay nothing. 

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The elderly are one of the groups of people at high risk for anxiety and depression due to loneliness, a feeling experienced by over ⅓ of the aging population. One of the responsibilities of an aide is socialization, and they take the time to build a relationship slowly. Favorite foods, beloved books, board games, sharing stories – your in-home caregiver utilizes their knowledge to keep your loved one “connected” to the activities they cherish. Depending on the circumstances, an aide can also take your loved one to community affairs. 

Peace of Mind for the Family

While this may not seem connected to how home health care services are essential for the elderly; however, it’s more important than you think. If you are constantly worried and stressed out about your loved one, it affects the way you act around them. You may become gruff or, worse, cold.

You have peace of mind with a professional aide service like that Aurora provides. We train our aides with the necessary skills for providing customized care. Need to run to the store? No worries; your in-home caregiver is there to take care of things.

Flexibility – home health care services in Philadelphia

Facilities have limits in terms of personnel. Your loved one may want to walk in the park but has to wait until someone is available. With in-home care, you know when your aid will be present. You and your loved one can plan outings accordingly. In turn, the individual feels less restricted and more independent because they’re involved in planning, and spontaneity isn’t usually a problem (but for medical issues).

Continuity of care

Home health care services coordinate with your loved one’s medical team. Everyone receives updates and can consult with one another whenever the need arises. The team’s care plan is passed along to the family so they’re constantly aware and informed.

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