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Home Health Aide in Philadelphia, PA

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When you’re in the position of being a caregiver for your loved one, there are just some matters creating limits to what you can do. In turn, you’re running to more doctors’ and specialists’ appointments. It becomes very taxing on you and your family. There seems to be no moment in the day to relax, or to get together without the subject coming up in conversation. This is where a home health aide in Philadelphia, PA, comes to the rescue.

Such a person gives you extra eyes and hands, ensuring greater safety for your loved one. But what’s the right choice? Specifically, you may need skilled nursing services for this person, but how do you know?

What is In-Home Skilled Nursing?

In-home skilled nursing offers various services to your loved one, be it for short or long placement. Many people think skilled nursing can only happen in a facility setting. We at Aurora at Home are here to tell you this is untrue. If your doctor prescribes skilled nursing care at home, Medicaid covers it. So rather than struggle with the individual about “where to go,” they stay put. Aging in place provides familiarity and comfort.

Having a skilled nurse means receiving a high level of care provided by a licensed health professional (RN, LPN, or Nurse Assistant). It also applies to things like speech, physical, and occupational therapy. The services continue until they are no longer required, including chronic situations.

Examples of nursing services include monitoring case management, giving injections, vital sign monitoring, and wound care. At Aurora at Home, our trained home health aides provide personalized, comprehensive services.

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Is Home Health Aide, Philadelphia, PA, the Right Choice?

Skilled nursing is different from being a home companion or personal aide. When an individual has ongoing daily necessities that require 24/7 attention, skilled nursing is a fantastic opinion. Should your loved one have issues, but doesn’t need such an intense level of care, ask about respite care services. There can be an iffy line between the two.

A person needing skilled nursing may have just had a heart attack, broken bones, incurred post-operative wounds, or require specialized medical equipment. Perhaps they need catheters and injections, too. Better still, having an in-home caregiver decreases the chance of rehospitalization.

As a trained medical professional, an in-home nurse can monitor your loved one, watching for any potential issues. They will log observations and assessments and provide them to your physician. Said individual is at the ready should an emergency arise.

Aurora at Home, Philadelphia, PA

It can be stressful to look for the perfect agency fit for your family. We at Aurora at Home strive to make the entire process run more smoothly. You will not sacrifice extra time but are assured of wholly individualized services.

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