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Home Healthcare Services in Philadelphia, PA

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Thanks to improved medical care, people are living longer lives. For some, aging is easy. Their health is good, and they stay active and involved with family and community.  Others, however, may become chronically ill or suffer various age-related issues, putting a damper on the joys of retirement. 

At this point, many families take turns acting as caregivers part or full-time. It takes a toll. So the next question families weigh is whether they need professional services. If so, should they seek a nursing home or assisted living situation? Should they hire a home healthcare agency in Philadelphia, PA? Most elders still involved in their medical care choices usually opt for the latter.

The Struggle is Real

When you open discussions with your loved one, there’s often a real disdain for moving to a facility. Once discussed, they may resist speaking of it again. Home care services in Philadelphia, PA, resolve those insecurities. A person can age in place in the comfort of their home and receive necessary assistance based on their situation.  Aurora at Home has a staff of RNs, therapists, and trained aides. These professionals come to your home on a pre-determined schedule. While a caregiver is present, the family can breathe a little easier and get caught up on daily tasks.

Personalizing Care

Every person’s needs are unique. There is no one “pat” way of serving our clients. This is why Aurora at Home offers specialized care for Alzheimer’s patients, hospice, and vets, for example. Among home healthcare Services in Philadelphia, PA, Aurora’s report card ranks highly for personalizing each person’s care plan and providing compassionate caregiving

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Types of Help Available

Home healthcare agencies may offer specialization, while others, like Aurora at Home, offer a wide range of services. Our aides can help keep your loved one engaged through social interaction, which is vital to mental well-being. They can also provide support for

  • Personal care like bathing and dressing
  • Light housekeeping
  • Planning and creating meals
  • Laundry
  • Therapy: physical and occupational
  • Counseling
  • Transportation

And much more. 

Plus, our agency recognizes the role family dynamics play in healthcare decisions. Families remain involved in their loved one’s care regardless of the care plan. They need to advocate, ask questions, and help their loved ones understand the choices being made and why. 

Factoid: Studies indicate that persons receiving in-home care for short-term conditions generally recuperate faster. 

Home Healthcare Services in Philadelphia, PA – The Aurora at Home Difference

We chose our team carefully. Being a caregiver is not for everyone. We seek out specific traits in our caregivers-namely a good balance of professionalism with kindness and sensitivity. Each of our clients should retain their dignity and independence to the degree practicable. Plus, you have the peace of mind that our aides must pass background checks before beginning work. 

When you’re ready to learn more, you can email us at info@aurorathome.com, use our online form, or call any of our three offices:

Feasterville 215-354-4444

Wyomissing 610-375-1800

Lancaster 717-200-1414

We look forward to answering any questions you may  have.

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