Home Care Services for Alzheimer’s Patients in Philadelphia, PA

Home Care Services for Alzheimer’s Patients in Philadelphia, PA

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Your loved ones may need extra care when they get older. However, people with Alzheimer’s require advanced care. They require caretakers trained to uphold specialized home care services. Philadelphia, PA, families with affected relatives must look for agencies that provide this care.

This article will review what’s involved in Alzheimer’s home care so you and your relatives know what to look for.

What are Alzheimer’s In-Home Care Services in Philadelphia, PA?

Basic Care Services

Alzheimer’s patients require the same basic care services most seniors need. They include:

  • Companion Services: Caregivers will keep elderly clients company so they don’t feel depressed and isolated.
  • Personal Care Assistance: Personal care assistance includes help with bathing, dressing, and other personal care services.
  • Homemaker Services: Homemaker services include cooking, cleaning, and meal preparation.
  • Transportation Assistance: The caregiver can take their clients to doctor visits and other destinations.
  • Medication Assistance: Caregivers will ensure seniors take their medications on time. They will assist them with administration if necessary.
  • Maintaining Physical Health: Home aides will ensure seniors eat a healthy diet and get daily physical activity.

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Wandering Prevention 

Seniors with Alzheimer’s often wander off. Caregivers can keep an eye on seniors to prevent wandering. They can also take the following measures:

  • Lock doors and windows 
  • Monitor motion detectors used to alert caregivers that seniors are wandering off
  • Make sure they carry IDs that will help identify them and bring them home if they wander
  • Install signage- a simple Do Not Enter sign may discourage seniors from wandering
  • Dress seniors in bright colors so they are easily spotted if they wander off.
  • Border exterior areas to keep them from leaving the property
  • Increase physical activity- some research suggests seniors with sedentary lifestyles are more likely to wander
  • Encourage better sleep- seniors who can’t sleep may wander off at night. Caregivers can improve sleep quality by keeping seniors away from caffeine, ensuring a regular sleep schedule, and promoting a relaxing atmosphere in their room

Special Cognitive Care

Seniors with Alzheimer’s tend to lash out due to confusion. They may feel threatened or have trouble communicating their feelings. Caregivers train to deal with aggressive behavior. They will not take their client’s words personally. They will help them calm down.

Caregivers may also engage the senior in activities that restore some of their cognitive function. They may sing or play music for them. They may do activities around the house or suggest an artistic hobby.

Aurora Home Care Provides Alzheimer’s In-Home Care Services in Philadelphia, PA

Aurora Home Care is your top choice for Alzheimer’s home care services in Philadelphia, PA. Our caregivers offer various services. We provide basic, hospice, pediatric, dementia, and Parkinson’s care. We also have a VetAssist program. 

We have a caring and experienced team of home care experts. We have been serving the Philadelphia area for over a decade. We also work with low-income families to ensure they get home care assistance.

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