Safety First: Ensuring a Secure Home Environment with Home Care Services in Philadelphia, PA

Safety First: Ensuring a Secure Home Environment with Home Care Services in Philadelphia, PA

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If you have an elderly relative, you know how crucial a safe home environment is. Your loved one should eat healthy food. They should be safe from falling and wandering off. Seniors can increase safety through home care services in Philadelphia, PA. Hiring a caregiver can reduce risks that affect senior health. This article will review some best practices.

How a Home Care Services in Philadelphia, PA Can Keep Loved Ones Safe

Fall Prevention

Seniors have an increased fall risk. Muscle loss, medications, and failing vision can reduce their balance. Loved ones can get seriously injured if they fall.

There are several things caregivers can do to decrease fall risks. They can keep walkways clear. Caregivers can point out broken floors and railings and ensure they get repaired. They can provide seniors assistance when they get up.

If a fall occurs, they will be there to call emergency services if necessary. 

Safe Eating

A caregiver will make sure their clients eat healthy foods. If the senior has dementia, they may need to take extra precautions.

Some seniors with dementia have pica, a condition that causes them to eat items that are otherwise inedible. They may eat soap, hair, glass, and other dangerous items. The home aide will ensure they don’t eat anything they shouldn’t consume.

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Keeping the Home Safe

Older adults are often crime targets. A caregiver will lock doors and windows to keep loved ones safe. If a criminal is watching a senior and sees they have a caregiver on the premises, they will be less likely to break in.

Wandering Prevention

Seniors with dementia often wander off. Wandering may occur if the individual is trying to find someone or something. It can also be due to anxiety, discomfort, and fear

A caregiver can use various strategies to prevent wandering. Caregivers can make sure doors and windows are locked. They can keep seniors active so they sleep better and don’t wander at night. They can monitor alarms that will alert them if their clients try to wander off.

Transportation Assistance

Some seniors have trouble driving. They may have vision issues or dementia, or they may take medications that make it unsafe for them to operate a vehicle. If they try to drive, they could get into an accident.

Caregivers can provide transportation assistance. They can take loved ones where they need to go. They eliminate the need for seniors to get in a car and cause an accident.

Aurora Provides Safe Home Care Services in Philadelphia, PA

Aurora Home Care is a preferred home health care agency in Philadelphia, PA. We provide various services. Our offerings include home, hospice, pediatric, and specialized home care. We also have a VetAssist program.   

We employ a staff of highly skilled caregivers. Aurora Home Care works with low-income families to make care more affordable. We make your loved one’s health our highest priority.

Contact us to learn how our home care services can keep your loved one safe.

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