The Role of Family Caregivers in Philadelphia, PA: Supporting Loved Ones at Home

The Role of Family Caregivers in Philadelphia, PA: Supporting Loved Ones at Home

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Family Caregivers in Philadelphia

It happens suddenly in many families. An older loved one, once vibrant and social, suddenly loses mobility or faces other health limitations due to a new or worsening condition. Often, a relative will step up to shoulder the responsibility of avoiding additional costs or risking care at the hands of a stranger. Family caregivers in Philadelphia, PA, may also be required to care for disabled relatives with ongoing needs. Taking on the role of caregiver offers its share of challenges. Many caregivers deal with financial and emotional stress. Read on to learn about the unique dynamics of these relationships.

What is the Role of a Family Caregiver?

A family caregiver will assist relatives with various tasks depending on their limitations. Responsibilities may include:

· Meal preparation: Tasks may include food shopping, preparing meals, and feeding.

· Transportation: A family caregiver may take loved ones to run errands and attend doctors’ appointments and social gatherings.

· Housecleaning: Housecleaning ensures the home is neat and germ-free.

· Medication reminders: A caregiver will remind their loved one to take medications and follow their treatment plans.

· Self-Care: The caregiver may assist with self-care needs such as bathing, dressing, and grooming.

· Fall Prevention: Fall prevention involves keeping walkways clear and eliminating clutter to prevent dangerous accidents.

· Companion Care: Family members will talk to loved ones and engage them in activities to reduce depression and isolation.

Challenges of Family Caregiving

· Financial Issues: Although family caregivers can save money by avoiding hiring professional caregivers, they often miss work or even quit their jobs to care for loved ones.

· High Levels of Stress: Caregivers experience high levels of stress. They must balance their time between their older relatives and other loved ones. They are constantly concerned about their older relative’s state of health. They may also argue with other family members about care strategies.

· Role Reversal: Family members experience a role reversal when caring for loved ones, especially if they care for a parent. They are in a position where they must care for the person who cared for them their whole lives. It can be awkward to assume this position, especially if the relative is reluctant to accept care.

· Advanced Needs: Family caregivers may be able to handle basic needs like meal preparation, housecleaning, and self-care, but they may require additional skills when medical conditions are more advanced.

Family Caregivers

Aurora Home Care Provides Solutions to Philadelphia Families

Aurora Home Care is a solution for family caregivers dealing with excessive stress and cannot afford professional care. We are a Medicaid and CHAP-certified agency. We work with state-funded programs to make care more affordable and provide opportunities for family members to get paid for caring for loved ones.

We offer various services, including home care, pediatric care, vet assistance, specialized home care, and companion care. We provide skilled nursing, physical therapy, wound care, and more. Our experienced team has provided high-quality care to the Philadelphia area for over a decade.

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