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4 Home Care Myths — and Facts You Need to Know

Home Care Myths & Facts

The thought of leaving the comfortable familiarity of home is disconcerting for people who are aging and need more help than their families can provid...

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How Can Home Care Support Seniors with Dementia?

Dementia 101

When your loved one goes out on an errand and forgets where they were going or how to get home, it’s terrifying for everyone. Unfortunately, memory lo...

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Rare Disease Day, February 28

Rare Disease Day, February 28

Rare Disease Day occurs annually in late February. The goal is to raise awareness of medical issues and associated challenges that are often hidden an...

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How to Help your Senior Avoid Contagions

If you follow the news, you’ll know that the papers are always talking About a new contagion that’s spreading. Or, an old contagion that’s picked up a...

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The Truth about Senior Abuse and How to Protect Your Loved Ones

Senior Woman in Pain – Aurora Home Care, Inc.

It’s heart wrenching to hear, but senior abuse is real. And unfortunately, it often takes place in institutions that are meant to be a safe place for ...

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11 Tips to Boost Seniors’ Immunity in the Winter

Boost Seniors’ Immunity at Aurora Home Care, Inc.

With the winter weather settling in, it’s important to keep up your senior’s health. Boost your senior’s immune system for the harsh winter weather wi...

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Helicopter Children: Steering Clear

Helicopter Children: Steering Clear - Aurora Home Care, Inc.

How many of you have heard the term helicopter parent before? Show of hands, please. No? Okay. Well, it’s a pretty common term. And it basically refer...

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Heart to Heart: Convincing Parents to Accept Help

Heart to Heart Convincing Parents to Accept Help – Aurora Home Care, Inc.

Accepting help from others is no easy feat. Because it takes putting aside pride and pulling up a side of vulnerability. But even more than that, acce...

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