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How to Keep Seniors With Dementia Safe During the Winter

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How to Keep Seniors With Dementia Safe During the Winter

Caring for a senior citizen suffering from dementia is challenging enough in and of itself. Providing care for such a senior with this condition during the winter months is even more difficult. If you are unsure as to what the best approach is for helping the senior in your life saddled by dementia during the coldest time of the year, you should know you are not alone. Countless other people struggle with the same challenge. Here’s how to best help your aging loved with dementia one remain safe during the brutally cold Philadelphia winter.

Consider the Merits of Apps and Monitoring Devices

The adult children of seniors who have dementia are turning to apps, monitoring devices, and other forms of technology to keep their loved ones safe during the winter months. Opt for an app that is downloaded into the senior’s phone and you won’t have to bother with a monitoring device. The app transmits emergency alerts to you, the caregiver/life partner, of the senior citizen when it detects something has gone awry. 

Just be sure to select a dementia app that is proven to work and you will rest that much easier when the senior in your life is out of sight. When in doubt, opt for a safety app that can be configured and used with ease. Ideally, the app will monitor the user’s location and also establish geofences, empowering you to see when the senior has wandered beyond a certain area in Philadelphia. Such wandering is particularly dangerous during the winter months when black ice covers sidewalks and streets. 

Mind the Footwear 

It is a mistake to force the senior in your life suffering from dementia to remain indoors throughout the entire winter. Even if you have to hold your loved one’s arm while taking a short walk around the block, it is worth it. The fresh air and change of environment really will make a big difference in the senior’s quality of life. The senior citizen should wear high-quality footwear featuring non-slip soles. If the senior walks with a cane, it must have a non-slip or sharp endpoint that makes it that much easier to remain properly balanced when walking on slick surfaces throughout Philadelphia during the winter.

Make the Most of the Limited Sunlight

Minimal or no exposure to the sun’s warmth and light will cause the senior in your life suffering from dementia to feel that much more confused, depressed, and nervous throughout the winter. Do what you can to help him or her receive some sunlight. Open up the blinds, help the senior take a short walk, or sit with him or her outside to soak up the sun and enjoy the lovely fresh air.

Develop a Routine

Help the senior you love to create and follow a daily routine and he or she will find the winter months are that much more tolerable. The last thing you want is for the senior to get out of his or her routine when the cold weather arrives. If winter interferes with the routine, the senior will feel agitated and possibly even confused. If the routine needs to be adjusted for the winter months, implement those changes in a gradual manner to help ease the transition through this challenging season as seamlessly as possible.

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