When it’s time to hire Home Health Aide Agency in Philadelphia, PA

When it’s time to hire Home Health Aide Agency in Philadelphia, PA

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Home Health Aide Agency in Philadelphia

People are living longer lives, and many remain healthy and self-sufficient. Nonetheless, aging changes our bodies and minds.Over time, it may become evident that an individual needs assistance – Home Health Aide Agency in Philadelphia.

Some sturdy people assist their loved ones through supervision and support, and it doesn’t take long to realize what a huge responsibility they’ve accepted. If you’ve begun wondering when to seek help, the time is now.

Thankfully the answer to this problem isn’t always moving into a nursing home or facility. You can seek out in-home assistance, like what we offer at Aurora Home Care. 

Some of the signs for determining whether you hire a home health aide in Philadelphia, PA, include:

  • Unhealthy behavioral changes
  • Struggles with simple tasks
  • Overlooking things like opening the mail
  • Decrease in home cleanliness
  • Deviation from personal hygiene
  • Forgetting medication
  • Mobility or balance changes

When you finally decide something has to give, it’s time to visit the doctor’s office. Your loved one’s medical team will be involved in any care you provide. In many cases, you’ll need documentation from them to qualify for programs. 

Home Health Aide Agency in Philadelphia

Caregiving from Friends and Family or Professionals?

Caregiver burnout is a real thing. Many devoted people are trying to give their loved ones all the help they deserve and experiencing health issues, often related to stress. People become emotionally and physically exhausted. In turn, they may become harsh to the individual for whom they’re caring. No one wants to see negative dynamics growing in a family.

There are many positives to hiring professionals, like our dedicated staff at Aurora. While the individual remains in the comfort of their own home, their aides can monitor vital things like medication timing. Plus, as time moves on, your loved one may experience increasing needs. So, you already have a program in process to address those.

The “Talk”

Now comes the hard part, introducing your loved one to the idea of having someone other than you care for them. Bring to the table all your concerns. Don’t rush, and listen a lot. Stress that you don’t want to see a crisis develop because you can’t always be around.

Next, explain your solution and why you think it will help. This is a good time to remind them they can stay at home and get help rather than going elsewhere, and it’s a huge selling point. You can also share how much this approach will help you. Seniors, for the most part, want to feel useful. If you’ve already seen a physician or social worker, their observations matter, too.

The Next Step: Home Health Aide Agency in Philadelphia

Now you’re ready to hire an in-home caregiver. At Aurora Home Health, Philadelphia, Pa, we are committed to making the transition process as simple as possible. Each step of the way, our focus is on maintaining an individual’s sense of involvement. Their voice is important, as is any member of the family involved. 

If you’d like to learn more, we have three offices you can contact:

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Or, email us at info@auroraathome.com.

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