Skilled vs. Non-Skilled Home Care Agency in Philadelphia, PA

Skilled vs. Non-Skilled Home Care Agency in Philadelphia, PA

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In trying to choose the right skilled or non-skilled home care agency in Philadelphia PA, like Aurora at Home, you have numerous options. First, let’s define terms. Skilled in-home care services are also called skilled nursing care. The skilled caregiver provides medically-necessary services. These may include things like wound care, intravenous injections, and physical therapy, just to name a few. Provided the individual qualifies, this type of care may be covered by Medicaid, depending on the state you’re in.

Non-Skilled in Home Health Care Defined

Pennsylvania, like other states, delineates the qualifications for non-skilled caregiving as well as other service options. The primary focus of non-skilled workers is lifestyle support and personal care. This is the main type of in-home care Aurora at Home offers for individuals who have chosen to “age in place.”

Lifestyle Support

In terms of lifestyle support, our aides provide assistance with meal preparation, housekeeping, nutritional information, and laundry. They can also run errands, get groceries, and transport an individual to doctor’s appointments. In terms of companionship, our staff can supervise outdoor activities for safety and keep a person involved in community activities if they so choose. When it’s time to hire an in-home health agency, keep these services in mind. Will they be what you need globally?

Personal Care

As you review a non-skilled home care agency in Philadelphia, PA, ask about the way in which they handle personal care. For example, a primary aspect of personal care is making sure the individual is taking the right medications at the correct times. When someone forgets, it can seriously deter their health and well-being.

As people age, they sometimes have issues with hand manipulation from conditions like arthritis. Our aides, therefore, offer assistance with grooming and dressing. Beyond this, it’s our responsibility to stay in communication with the family and monitor an individual for problematic signs.

The Bottom Line

The key difference between skilled and non-skilled care is one important factor: medical need. Skilled service can offer medical assistance, while non-skilled staff handles everyday needs.

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Determining Level of Care

The easiest way to get a read on how much care a person needs is through a doctor’s consultation. If the said individual meets the criteria for home health care or skilled nursing, the physician will write up a script and/or recommendation. If you are working with our agency, we have a team of professionals ready to help coordinate physician referrals and any other necessary appointments that arise to get everything moving smoothly.

Aurora at Home Skilled vs. Nonskilled Home Care Agency in Philadelphia, PA

Aurora at Home is dedicated to tailing your loved one’s health care services. We endure they receive the necessary care for comfort and safety. Employing a home care agency helps you maintain an individual’s quality of life and quality of care while supporting as much independence as possible. If you’d like to learn more, here are the ways to contact us:

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